The Lost Girl (The Lost Knight Book 2)

“Agatha, I realize you are human and you have limitations,” the Queen begins.

My anger starts to bubble. She has called me stupid twice,disgusting, moody and whiny. And somehow human is also an insult.

“I admit I’ve had a difficult time adjusting,” I say with just a mildly quivering voice.

“Adjusting? A human, a faerie and a Knight Crawler have corrupted my kingdom. You made a promise and you have not kept it. You have not read the Orb! 

You are not a Knight! You are a liar!”

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, The Lost Knight, so I of course jumped at my first chance to read her second because I had to know what was going to happen to her characters. Candy Atkins does an admirable job in taking her time to really develop her characters further from the first book as well as the additions. She creates characters that are vivid and fully dimensional but imperfect so you can believe in their actions and motivations.

 The plot was furthered quite nicely in this sequel; leisurely but in a realistic way that made it easy to get invested in the story. There seemed to be more twists in this one so I couldn’t predict what was going to come around the next page but not in that soap opera way so common in YA books which made it easier to love this book and where Atkins was taking it. She makes you want to keep going as she carefully increased the tension in her plot like bait slowly being dangled before its prey.

 Best of all Atkins proves she has a great sense of humor which shines through her characters and the story making it a fun, leisurely-paced and easy to read book. Even though it’s part of the YA genre there’s a maturity to how she writes that makes it quite effortless for adults to still to enjoy this series. She just makes reading pleasurable again!

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