In the Bering Sea, Bennkah, the largest oil tanker ever built, newly commissioned in Vladivostock, Russia, is on a secret mission. On this maiden voyage, Captain Borodin is at the helm. He is the only one aboard aware of the mission.

Soon an engineer discovers a defect―seemingly minor, but one with disastrous potential. Despite his attempts to correct the problem, a fire erupts, contained at first, then rapidly spreads out of control, consuming the behemoth ship.

A Mayday call alerts Sonny Wade some two hundred miles from the burning ship. This could be the lifeline that Sonny and his rag-tag crew need to save their failing salvage business. But Dan Sharp, Sonny’s nemesis and former employer―the owner of the largest salvage business in northern Alaska―also hears the call. A brutal race is on to claim the burning ship before it sinks or runs aground, contaminating the entire north Pacific Rim―and not only with oil.

I liked how fast paced this book was and that it grabbed my attention from the first chapter without ever letting up. It was a wild ride that forces you on this emotional rollercoaster where you feel invested in the drama and tragedy of the salvage operators. I definitely gained a whole new level of respect for the people who do this in reality because it’s not for the faint hearted.

Corridan and Waid did a wonderful job in character development so you really feel like you get to know Sonny. It reminded me a bit of LOST with the flashbacks and wanting to keep jumping back there to know what happened which of course you don’t find out til the near end. I thought the switching between perspectives could’ve used a little better flow as it seemed a little confusing at times.

I liked how descriptive the authors made their writing along with being educational so you get to learn about sea salvage operations as you’re being entertained. The depth of knowledge the authors put into this book was impressive. I think it’d make a cool movie J

 Buy on Amazon: http://a.co/bFwvOM1

Thank you to Netgalley and Oceanview Publishing for allowing me to review this book.

*synopsis and pic from amazon.com

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