Becoming You

Airlie Porter has a secret. A deep, dark, destructive secret that threatens to engulf her if she can’t find the courage to face who she really is and who she really wants to be with.

On a working holiday in Ireland, Airlie finds herself embarking on much more than a drunken year guzzling Guinness in Dublin. The previously protected bubble of denial, harbored deep within her, has threatened to pop for many years, but after a harrowing experience in a Dublin bar, the bubble violently explodes. Lost and alone, she turns to Olivia Swanson, the only person she’s ever truly loved. Married and unsettled, Olivia has her own demons to battle. Drawn together by something inexplicable, pulled apart by fear, how long does it take to become you?

I like reading books about a woman trying to figure out her sexual identity because not everyone can say they knew with absolute certainty from childhood. Occasionally it takes some kind of a momentous event to clear the cobwebs and realize what you have been denying or a drunken night where you wake up next to a woman. The author does a great job of showing the character go through the various stages onto her way of becoming okay with who she is. The book starts off really slow to the point I had to force myself to hang in there and honestly skipped/sped read through a few scenes that seemed to be on auto repeat and there for filler. Once the story picks up it does a great job of keeping you hooked til the end with lots of twists. 

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