Dear Hope: When my daughter died, my husband of thirty years found solace in religion—and possibly another woman. Help.

Dear Hope: I got fired today and the man that I’ve been sleeping with left me for his ex-wife. Again. Now I’m a grown woman who lives at home. Help.

Dear Hope: My ex-husband embezzled all of our money and is now rotting in jail. I clawed my way into the life I wanted and now I’m about to lose everything. Help.

Mims, Rory, and Sarah need answers. But beloved Hope Jackson, the world famous love-sex-life columnist, is gone. What will women do without Hope? 

Noa Grey’s debut novel MRS follows the intertwined lives of three women whose stories will have you laughing, crying, and wanting more.

Perfect book to bring women together.

Once I started the book I couldn’t put it down. I loved that each chapter started with a question written to an advice columnist and how the author wrote the chapters to fluctuate between multiple characters. I felt like I was seeing my own life at different times through the journeys these women traveled and was getting answers about my life that I had been too afraid to ask. It’s a beautiful book, a heartwarming story and definitely something every woman should read while encouraging her friends to do the same so we can open up to each other about how “life’s a funny thing”.

*synopsis and pic from

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