The Butterfly Whisperer

Some soul mates can never be forgotten.

Jordan was in love with her best friend, Sophie, in high school and no one knew…least of all Sophie. After fleeing without a trace before graduation, Jordan vowed never to return to Monarch, the butterfly obsessed town along the Central California coast.

Ten years later, Jordan owns a successful soul mate matchmaking company where she finds love for others, but has little use for it herself. Sophie runs the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and has yet to forgive Jordan for disappearing from her life. When Jordan is forced to return to Monarch, will their soul mate connection deepen or will differing goals tear them apart?

I really liked this book. Yes most of it was predictable but what I focused on was how Moreau handled the relationship between the characters. One of the characters was disowned by her father and stepmother due to her sexual identity which left her with some long lasting self esteem issues that negatively impacted her love life. The other main character did not come term with her sexual identity until she lost the first girl she ever loved. In each case the author used them to show the different ways people will choose to react to a sexual identity different from their own and the consequences that will follow both positive and negative. It was a fast and easy read, very lighthearted. I thought the author has a beautiful sense of flow so you can start reading without wanting to stop. The sex was written with taste and beauty, definitely romantic. It’s not overly memorable but it was a nice way to spend a few hours.

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