Clock Zero

Clock Zero tells the story of Tom, a Millennial wasting his life chasing Likes on social media until he meets Daniel Drake, a mysterious man with a daring plan to free the world of its social media obsession. Tom is captivated by the premise of a new unplugged world, but is Daniel Drake the good Samaritan he claims to be? Clock Zero beautifully captures the existentialist struggle of this generation. A master stroke of wit and suspense, Clock Zero sheds light on the dark side of an always-connected world: smartphone addiction, digital self-absorption, global terrorism, and Silicon Valley’s unfettered quest to generate ever more profits at the expense of our humanity.

The book reads like a script for an action movie and honestly would make a great movie. It starts off very action packed, the dialogue is believable and its very descriptive so you can already see this playing out in your head like a movie. It’s REALLY descriptive, the author made sure to leave practically nothing to the imagination as they created the whole world right for you on these pages.

The way the author writes I can’t help wondering if it’s written by a millennial or someone who has way too much experience with them and not the good kind. The dialogue is written very well but at times it almost seems a cliché of what you hear people complain millennials sounds like which may be the whole point actually.

I had to laugh at the description of needing ‘likes’ on social media because I’m pretty sure I have had those days. I thought most of it was funny actually, the way he writes, he descriptions of his job, his thoughts on customers and people he has to interact with, I found myself laughing quite a bit.

I have a brother who talks a lot like this so I guess I’m more used to the way this is coming off than other people so I didn’t have a problem with the book. I took it as satire and a funny self-depreciation view on society’s social media addiction.

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