Superman Science: The Real-World Science Behind Superman’s Powers

For ages 9-12.
Superman is the World’s Greatest Hero! With super-strength, lightning speed, laser vision, and the ability to fly, he keeps Earth safe. But what is the science behind strength, speed, sight, and flight? And does anything or anyone in our world have similar abilities to Superman? Superman Science explores how real-life science and engineering relates to the Man of Steel’s famous powers—and the real-world connections may surprise you.

In an age where it’s become increasingly important to instill more science and math in the younger generation this graphic novel could not have come at a better time. Kids LOVE super heroes so being able to use Superman to showcase the importance of science goes together as perfect as peanut butter and jelly. It’s an enlightening and enjoyable introduction to STEM for the young and young at heart.

 The layout was well done with plenty of graphics to capture the visual attention while presenting the information in an educational yet easy to read manner. Using Superman and his powers to explain scientific concepts such as gravity, flight, etc really brings the information to life and makes what could be very dense, difficult to comprehend concepts manageable for a wide variety of age levels.

 It’s a bit long for those on the younger end of the spectrum but it is thankfully broken up into smaller sections and topics so you could easily go over it in small bites to avoid attention overload. It is definitely one of those books that you can use in a wide variety of ways and return to time and again without boredom. It’s a must have for teachers and parents particularly if you then watch the latest Superman movies and apply the information from the book to what they see so you can increase the fun. Who says Hollywood can’t be educational? 🙂

 Thank you to Netgalley and Capstone for allowing me to review this book.

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