As You Lay Sleeping

I did it all for you…

Cara’s boyfriend is dead.

When fingers start pointing at her, she knows she’s in more trouble than she originally thought. Because Cara can see that something isn’t right.

As her carefully constructed life begins to crumble, Cara isn’t sure who she is anymore.

But maybe that’s exactly what someone wants her to think…

I only had one problem with this book so I’m going to get it out of the way so I can focus on all the gooey goodness. It’s written from the first person perspective which works for the vast majority of this story BUT there are 2 characters Katlyn Duncan uses this writing style on as she writes certain chapters from one character’s viewpoint then other chapters from the second character. The second character is the “big bad” who doesn’t get revealed until the end so there were a few times I got confused as to which character was speaking then wondered if Duncan was trying to set up for some kind of split personality thing. Once I knew who the second character was I went back and reread some of those chapters in their viewpoint and it made much more sense.

 I really loved this book. I was completely glued from page one and didn’t want to put it down except when I had to deal with “real life” distracting me. There were so many twists, turns and red herrings I really didn’t figure out the big bad and all my guesses proved wrong.

 Duncan is a brilliant writer whose style just flows and grabs your attention. There was so much mystery surrounding her characters I was invested in finding out the truth. The ending, although it wrapped up with a perfect conclusion, still left just enough room that if Duncan wanted she could create a sequel.

 Thank you to Netgalley and HQ Digital for allowing me to review this book.

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