The Southern Hero

When reclusive war hero, Sam Hinson, is asked to be the best man for his friend Brodie Steven, he heads to the small town of Spirit, Louisiana, only to find out from the bride’s gorgeous older sister that he needs to deliver the “best man” speech at the wedding reception. He doesn’t like to even be in a crowd, let along speak to one.

Still hurting from her ex-husband, Madeline Sonnier Parker is ready for a little temporary romance. She tells Sam she’ll help him write his toast to the bride and groom if he’ll help her aggravate her ex-husband. But Sam’s been used before, and after being around Madeline, he decides he wants more than what she’s willing to give.

Their pact sets off a string of revealing old hurts and new fears as Sam and Madeline come together. But once they begin opening up to each other, they realize that this wedding bargain might just be the start to something more…

Lenora Worth wrote a really sweet story with an enjoyable premise and well developed characters; even the secondary characters felt realistic.

 This is the second in a series, I would recommend reading the first so you have a full understanding of how everyone is connected but Worth writes so well you can read this as a standalone and still feel like you’re getting a complete story.

 The way she sets up her scenes and provides detailed descriptions on even the most seemingly miniscule items makes you feel like you’re really there a part of the family, friends and events.

 She created some fun chemistry between Sam and Madeline so they seemed like they felt reality based. The emotional journey they went on was written so convincingly and exquisitely you felt like you were being pulled along as an invisible observer.

 The only negative thing about the book was that it ended. Thankfully though, another is yet to come so we can follow along with more of Lenora Worth’s charming writing talent.

 Thank you to Netgalley and Tule Publishing for allowing me to review this book.

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