How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up

“Everybody who goes to school does homework. You are not alone. And they feel just as sick as you do when they have to do it.”

Trevor Romain knows how horrible homework can be, and kids will see this right away as they page through this book, grin at the cartoons, and smile at Trevor’s funny insights.

Meanwhile, they’ll discover valuable truths and pointers about homework: “People who say homework is a waste of time don’t know what they are talking about.” “The best way to get your homework done without feeling sick every time you see it is to just do it.”

Kids will also learn how to make a homework schedule, when to do the hardest homework (first!), the benefits of doing homework, and more—serious suggestions delivered with wit and humor because laughter makes learning fun.

Trevor Romain has written a surprisingly humorous and educational book. Although it’s mostly common sense because it’s written to kids it should actually be very helpful. Along with the wonderful advice on how to create schedules, avoiding excuses, and the positivity that comes with doing a job well done, the art work that is included to illustrate everything adds a layer of amusement that should help kids want to read this book.

 There are intelligent but fun mantras that parents can print out and put up near where their child does their homework to help motivate them. As a parent I learned quite a few things from this book on ways to help my child make homework time easier.

 It’s not just for young kids, high school students and even college students would do well to read this book too and apply the lessons to make studying easier. I also loved the healthy snack tips so you can avoid the inevitable sugar crash that will prevent you from working properly by eating the wrong thing.

 If you have a child, teen, college student or if you fit any of these categories yourself you really need to check this book out. It’s not very long which will make it easier on those short attention-spans and I bet putting this book into practice will pay off with some very good grades!

 Thank you to Netgalley and Free Spirit Publishing for allowing me to review this book.

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