The Survival Guide for Kids in Special Education

When kids learn they might receive special education, they often have questions and worries. This book gives kids lots of tools and strategies they can use to deal with their concerns, whether they are in the process of being evaluated for special ed or already receiving special ed services. Readers will learn to cope with their challenges, understand reasons for testing, and see the benefits of accepting special education supports.

The book includes special features such as:Stories about kids’ experiences with special education drawn from the authors’ conversations with hundreds of studentsApproachable and relatable explanations of individual education plans (IEPs) and 504 plans for both parents and kidsReproducible forms to help kids think about their strengths, challenges, goals, worries, and moreA section just for parents addressing common questions

As a parent of 2 daughters on the Autism Spectrum I absolutely LOVE this book. The biggest thing I love about it is that it’s written FOR kids as the authors are talking directly to them and trying to help them make a process that can be quite intimidating less scary.

 First off it strives right away to ensure kids feel normal and to know there is nothing ‘wrong’ with them it’s just about finding the best way to help them learn.  I found it to be very positive and self-esteem building; it teaches kids how they can be their own advocates, to find their voice which often gets lost in the shuffle of all the adults talking around them.

 I loved the personal stories that helped bring to life a lot of the concepts they are trying to educate the child on so that kids who read this can hopefully find something of themselves in these pages to know they are not alone. It answers so many questions that kids may have and are too afraid to ask or don’t even know to ask. There are also parts where they encourage kids to think about what they would do in similar situations

 There are some wonderful suggestions and hints that can really help kids who are struggling not just in school with the educational side but with social context most people take for granted.

 At the end there is a section for parents to help provide us with resources, answers, explanations on the process and fantastic advice about some of the better ways we can parent that won’t inadvertently have a negative effect on our kids.

 I can’t recommend this book highly enough, it’s a truly valuable resource.

 Thank you to Netgalley and Free Spirit Publishing for allowing me to review this book.

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*Book image and synopsis from Netgalley

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