What’s Become of Her

Isabelle Austen returns to her hometown on a small, isolated Pacific Northwest island to take over the family tourism business after the death of her mother, a disapproving parent and a hard woman to love. Feeling lost, Isabelle is also struggling with a recent divorce and wondering if she’ll ever come into her own. Then her life takes a surprising turn: The mysterious Henry North arrives on Parrish Island, steps off a seaplane, and changes Isabelle’s world forever. From the beginning, their relationship is heady and intense—then Isabelle learns of Henry’s disturbing past, involving the death of a fiancée and the disappearance of a wife. Suddenly Isabelle is caught between love and suspicion, paranoia and passion, as she searches for the truth she may not want to find—and is swept into a dangerous game she may not survive.

Deb Caletti, a master of suspense, created an engrossing psychological thriller that will mess with your mind to the end making it a magnificent read and well worth your time. You won’t go to bed because the twists will keep you guessing and on your toes. It had me speculating from the beginning so I kept pushing through, speed reading when necessary, so I could satisfy my need to know as all my guesses kept coming up wrong.

 Thank you to Netgalley and Ballatine for allowing me to review this book.

 Buy on Amazon: http://a.co/ciPhOMg

*synopsis and pic from amazon.com

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