Smurfs: The Village Behind the Wall

An all-new graphic novel featuring five stories that tie in to the new SMURFS animated movie! The world of the Smurfs expands as a Brainy Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty Smurf and Grumpy Smurf discover a new village filled with a whole population of girl Smurfs! A whole new world of challenges and adventures awaits the Smurfs!

Finally Smurfette is not the only girl Smurf in the world! These comics are a great addition to the Smurf world we all know and love not to mention will make a great addition to the upcoming movie.

 The first thing that obviously grabs your attention is the graphics which are vibrant, beautiful and eye catching. The pictures accurately depict not only the storyline but the essence of who the Smurfs are as characters that have been enjoyed for decades.

 The story line makes sense and it’s fun to see the new adventures the Smurfs find themselves involved in now that their world has gotten a little bigger. Even though they have found new Smurfs who lead a little bit different life than the ‘originals’ the essence of what was created all those years ago hasn’t changed making this still a fun, family friendly way to pass the time.

 The only irritating thing in the story was the constant use of the word ‘smurf’ as a verb, noun, adjective, whatever but that kind of goes with the characters. Aside from the overabundance of the word ‘smurf’ used, the dialogue thankfully makes sense overall, reads very conversationalist, and seems true to the characters.

 Have to admit as a woman I’m really happy to FINALLY see some more female characters and these women are badass. No more female stereotypes, instead we get some powerful girls who show they are equal to the task of being SMURFTASTIC! (come on, you didn’t see that coming? Lol)

 Thank you to Netgalley and Papercutz for allowing me to review this book.

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