The Thousandth Floor

New York City as you’ve never seen it before. A thousand-story tower stretching into the sky. A glittering vision of the future, where anything is possible—if you want it enough.

Welcome to Manhattan, 2118.

A hundred years in the future, New York is a city of innovation and dreams. But people never change: everyone here wants something…and everyone has something to lose.

Leda Cole’s flawless exterior belies a secret addiction—to a drug she never should have tried and a boy she never should have touched.

Eris Dodd-Radson’s beautiful, carefree life falls to pieces when a heartbreaking betrayal tears her family apart.

Rylin Myers’s job on one of the highest floors sweeps her into a world—and a romance—she never imagined…but will her new life cost Rylin her old one?

Watt Bakradi is a tech genius with a secret: he knows everything about everyone. But when he’s hired to spy by an upper-floor girl, he finds himself caught up in a complicated web of lies.

And living above everyone else on the thousandth floor is Avery Fuller, the girl genetically designed to be perfect. The girl who seems to have it all—yet is tormented by the one thing she can never have.

Debut author Katharine McGee has created a breathtakingly original series filled with high-tech luxury and futuristic glamour, where the impossible feels just within reach. But in this world, the higher you go, the farther there is to fall….

Katharine McGee starts her book off with an explosive scene of a girl falling off a 1000 story building but you don’t know which girl it is.

 The rest of the book’s chapters are told from the alternating perspectives of various characters: Avery, Leda, Rylin, Eris and Watt. We can gather that the falling girl is one of the 4 girls whose story we are learning as we read through the book.

 Apparently in 100 years technology has become crazy advanced:

  1. A subway has been created to go from New York to Paris

  2. Food is grown in a lab, even steak, no more using animals at least in The Tower. All the Anti-GMO groups and legislation have apparently failed then

  3. Shoes with live jellyfish floating in the heel are an actual fashion so that means PETA went defunct at some point

  4. People can openly create the kind of child they want through DNA alterations

  5. Plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery has entered sci-fi levels

  6. In a nod to the Hunger Games, people are modifying their bodies with tech

  7. AI exists. AI along with non-AI tech can fuse with a human and function so they become like a parasite and its host

We can’t forget the extremes in engineering and architecture since in this future world an actual 1000 story building has been created which is all the more amazing because right now the tallest building has less than 200 stories. Our current technology has not yet reached a point where they could safely build more than that; roughly 100 years from now though technology advanced to the point they were able to create a livable and sustainable building 5 times what we can do now.

 There’s a nod to evil AI in the book. Apparently when society had a near scare of some AI going haywire they banned it to avoid a Terminator reboot.

 Even with all the cool technology that the story relies so heavily on I was still left a bit confused as to how the world is set up, not a whole lot of detail as to how it got from where we’re at now in the real world to where they got in the book’s world is given. It’s mentioned that Central Park was leveled along with a good chunk of New York City in order to create this Tower but it’s never fully detailed as to why government officials allowed this to happen, how/why legislation was passed in order for this to occur, what is going on with the world at large, why is New York the only place that gets one of these Towers in the US and is the advanced tech and society they talk about widespread or is it isolated to New York.

 I have to admit, I need these details, I don’t do well reading books that make such sweeping changes to the world as we know it and claim it’s in the future but don’t offer explanations as to what happened to make us get from where we are to where the story purports humanity will be at this point in the future.

 If you ignore these background holes and just focus on what we’ve been given then McGee has done a great job in character development because she provides fully developed A list and B list sets of people to keep her story going to the point you become glued wanting to know who fell, why and what will be the repercussions.

 Unfortunately the story literally ends where it started. You find out who fell and why but as to the consequences those won’t be discussed until The Dazzling Heights coming out in Summer 2017. Still she’s convinced me enough that getting Book 2 is worth it.

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