Luck of the Irish


 When a contract goes wrong, Brian O’Rourke is the only one who can save his father – the king of the leprechauns. This contract can only be broken if the king’s shillelagh is found before midnight on St. Patrick’s Day. With the soft music left by the shillelagh to guide him, will Brian’s Irish charm and leprechaun magic be enough to find it before his people vanish?

 After a stroke leaves Maggie Squires’s grandfather in a nursing home, responsibilities are heavy on her. When a tall and handsome Irishman comes into the family’s diner, she’s glad to let him work in exchange for room and board. But there’s something different about Brian. He seems to believe in magic, more than that, he seems to be able to do magic . . .

 Can Maggie accept the truth of what Brian really is? And will she be willing to help him in his search for the shillelagh before it’s too late? Brian realizes the answer may be in introducing her to the sweetest magic of all . . . love.

It’s just a sweet little romance story with an Irish theme. The perfect kind of thing Americans will love to read in March. There are some good examples of Gaelic words so the reader can pick up a thing or two. The mythology has been altered in order to fit the story but not in a malicious way so I don’t have an overly huge problem with it besides it’s not the kind of story you read believing you’re going to receive an authentic education on Irish culture.

 The ‘human’ characters were believable and had their parts thoroughly developed so they came off realistic. The plot line made sense given the world construct and rules given.

It’s just good ‘junk food’, like the soap opera you turn on during the day so you can avoid the news and get a break from reality.

 Thank you to Netgalley and Belle Books for allowing me to review this book.

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