If I’m Found

It started with the USA TODAY bestseller If I Run. Now Casey’s journey continues in If I’m Found.

 Casey doesn’t know why Dylan let her escape just as the police were closing in, but she knows she’s got to hide again. New name, new look, new city, new job.

 But hiding isn’t enough. Somehow, she’s got to bring Brent’s killer to justice. Can she gather enough evidence without getting caught? And even though she wants to trust Dylan, can she really?

 When they go after her sister, Casey knows her time is running short. Turning herself in presents its own set of problems but if it will help protect Hannah, she’ll gladly do it—but will it?

 Master suspense writer Terri Blackstock keeps readers entranced in part two of her new USA TODAY bestselling series.

The only negative I can find is that this is the second in a trilogy so the wait continues to discover what will be Casey’s end game and who is going to survive a cross country chess match between her and the authorities; particularly when the authorities aren’t always on the right side of the law they should be upholding.

 Due to the nature of this story it’s an absolute must that you read these books in order or important clues, backstory and context will be missed not to mention the character development that has been carefully put in place to help explain motivations and personalities.

 The suspense and action continue from the first book as action movie like sequences abound to keep you glued to the pages. Abuse, guns, car accidents, car chases, fake identities and near death experiences will ensure boredom is NOT a word used to describe your feelings for this novel. Her dialogue is realistic and will add to the adrenaline rush as you’re able to experience what these characters are going through.

 The suspenseful drama is so intriguing it’ll be worth the wait for that third book to emerge to put an end to our eager anticipation. Along with the main story line in the book of Casey’s search for the truth and to clear her name there is also a moving look at the effect of PTSD on our Veterans through character development. Even though it’s not a focal point Terri Blackstock still manages to handle it with respect and grace. The two person perspective used in her first two books provides for a wider view of the story and the full impact on everyone involved which thankfully she’s pulled off so it adds to the story rather than taking away from it.

 Along with all the action Blackstock, gives a voice to those situations no one wants to talk about when the legal system gets tunnel vision and doesn’t care about the guilt or innocence of a person, just that a person gets held responsible for the mess.

 Thank you to Netgalley and Zondervan for allowing me to review this book.

 Buy at Amazon: http://a.co/jjahVr6

*synopsis and pic from netgalley.com

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