The Graves

Abby Endicott, the chief of the District Attorney’s homicide unit in Boston, returns in the heart-racing follow-up to Mission Hill. Things are looking good for Abby: she’s top pick to be the next District Attorney, and her musician boyfriend Ty has moved in, despite her upper crust family’s objections. But a serial killer is on the loose, and with two college-aged girls dead and another missing, time is running out. When the sons of a prominent government official are linked to the murders, Abby pushes back, stopping at nothing to find justice for the girls. This time, the killer could be right under her nose, and she may be the next victim.

 In The Graves, former prosecutor turned television writer Pamela Wechsler delivers a tense and enthralling Boston-set thriller about the intersection of power, privilege, and justice.

Pamela Wechsler has written a great follow up to her first book in the Abby Endicott series where her main character tries to prosecute the bad guys of Boston while working with local police.

 Wechsler has created a complex character in Abby. She was a rich girl whose life seemed to have been handed to her with no strings attached only to give up what her family wanted for her so she could fight for justice. She seems like an intelligent, accomplished, independent woman but at the same time seems to have trouble with a few basics most people take for granted since not everyone grew up with so much money they didn’t have to worry about balancing a checkbook. Her romantic life is the only other thing that seems as disastrous as her math skills.

 Along with the complex character development in Abby, the reader is also treated to some oft hilarious narration by her as well as adequately described scene settings.

 Wechsler’s nearly two decades working as a criminal prosecutor shines through her description of the legal system and its personnel which provide a sense of realism to the story and plot line making you eager and willing for Abby’s next case. Her well-written and aptly described plot line moves quickly helped along with the requisite twists.

 In a genre filled with male leads, it’s not often us women are treated to strong female characters who can take charge, entertain, educate and kick ass while doing it.

 Thank you to Netgalley and Minotaur Books for allowing me to review this book.

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