Pixie And The Green Book Mystery

It’s the launch of an exciting new early chapter book series.

Pixie’s school day is an apple disaster, but a trip to the library changes everything. When Pixie happens on a mysterious green book at her library, she discovers the fairytales have come to life out of their books. But danger is lurking. And it’s up to this book loving hero to save them from the evil Book Guardian. Can she get them safely back in their books before it’s too late? Or will the world of fairytales come to an end? – The clock is ticking. Tick! Tock! 

Follow Pixie as she embarks on a jumbled-up fantastical quest to save library books.

I read this twice, once just for me and a second time with my young daughter so I could get her opinion as it’s written for her age bracket.

Overall I would say kids will like this because who doesn’t love anything to do with fairy tales? The few illustrations included are adorable and add another level of fun to the story that will make them like this more. It’s completely safe and child-appropriate so there’s no worry anything will cause psychological harm. 

As an adult I was a little confused by the story at times because it felt rushed with too many plot holes not to mention there was almost no depiction of the characters. Even her main character, Pixie, was only given a description of liking to wear apples. The only character that was given any real sense of what they looked like so you could get a sense of realism about them was The Guardian. The story just seem to end abruptly as well; it doesn’t smooth out to a cliffhanger, it feels like it ends as if half the book wasn’t included.

I also didn’t like that the subject of Math was painted negatively but that comes from a mom of a daughter who loves math and science so I’m always trying to help her feel like she should pursue those interests because their worthy and fun. I don’t want her feeling like math doesn’t serve a purpose.

I also felt it was a bit on the ironic side that the author has this subplot where stories are going to get trapped inside ‘screened devices’ like this is a horrible punishment because I’m reading her story on a screened device. It made me wonder if the author has some kind of issue with Kindle like devices. 

I did like that the author included a dictionary of some of the words to help expand vocabulary as well as a set of discussion questions / activities to further critical reasoning skills. 

Any negatives found were from the perception of an adult. From my daughter’s perspective she liked it except for the ending; she thought I was refusing to finish the book and it took me letting her flip through our Kindle to see it was truly over.


Buy at Amazon: http://a.co/fU5wC7I

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