A Puppy’s Dream Comes True

A brave puppy begins a fairytale life with her new family. 

Meet BabyDoll, a Maltese puppy who is adopted by her human parents, Lisa and Donald. This charming introductory story will make children and parents alike smile as BabyDoll explores her new surroundings, travels around the world, and has her tail highlighted pink. She even helps her humans in designing shoes! This happy tale ends with a surprise—what will happen to BabyDoll next? 

This introductory book is the first in the BabyDoll’s Adventures series, enchanting children and parents alike with the amazing adventures of the adorable—and furry—new member of the Pliner family.

Since today was National Puppy Day my daughter insisted we read something that was dog centered so I was very happy to find this. We read it together and I really loved it. We adopted 2 dogs not that long ago so it made her feel even more connected and happy about the adoption as she could now imagine it from the dog’s point of view. Our dogs also are very spoiled but they don’t eat at the table; though if my daughter now has their way I’ll have to set 2 extra plates! I felt the author did a wonderful job personifying the experience from an animal’s point of view, making adoption seem so incredibly important and creating an overall beautifully heartwarming story. I can’t wait for more by her so my daughter and I can enjoy further stories together.

Buy at Amazon: http://a.co/4sKDkit

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