The Dragon’s Cave

A dragon’s treasure. A greedy king. One boy can restore balance before the mountain implodes.

 Seamus’s day couldn’t get any worse. His best friend stops speaking to him, his cross-country coach benches him, and lightning strikes him down, right in front of his middle school. But it does get worse.  When he wakes up from the lightning, he finds himself trapped in the body of a young squire in medieval Scotland. At the base of a haunting mountain, a tyrannical king leads Seamus and a group of soldiers to face off with a dragon. When a knight who seems eerily familiar is wounded, Seamus is the only one who can find the cure deep within the dragon’s lair.

 As he approaches the cure, the terrifying dragon traps Seamus and has a chance to end his life. But the dragon spares him, saying that the young squire is on a quest that could change the world forever. Seamus learns he must make a dangerous pact with new allies in order to save his friends’ life and secure one last chance to get home.

 The Dragon’s Cave is the first book in the series of medieval middle grade fantasy novels. If you like Eragon and How to Train your Dragon, then you’ll love Rose-Marie Lyttle’s incredible adventure for kids ages 9-14.

This charming and captivating tale had me from the first chapter and although it’s absolutely perfect for middle school level kids even I as an adult loved it.

 It was so gripping, suspenseful and exciting as you get to travel on this wonderful fantasy adventure. The story will hold your attention from the beginning through a satisfying conclusion. There’s plenty of actions, twists and turns and intriguing surprises to keep you entertained throughout the way.

 Rose-Marie Lyttle has a way of writing these interesting and complex characters that engage the entire emotional spectrum. I loved how her characters felt realistic as they helped keep the pace of the story moving quickly besides there were Dragons! How can you not be excited over dragons??!!

 Even better it’s only the first in a series so there will be plenty of more fun adventures to come!

 Thank you to Netgalley and Romance Beckons / Kindle Press for allowing me to review this book.

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