Summer Rose (The Hawks Mountain Series)

Can their love survive a secret he never suspected?

 A tragedy transformed Rose Hamilton from a surrogate mother for her beloved foster sister into a single mom expecting twins. But when she walks into Dr. Hunter Mackenzie’s West Virginia wildlife rehab clinic-with her pregnancy still a secret-all he sees is a gorgeous, likable woman applying for a job.

 Rose doesn’t want a romance with the handsome veterinarian who doesn’t suspect that she’s expecting, and who’s already got plenty of trouble thanks to a mayor who wants to rid his town of Mac’s lion cubs and injured wolves.

 Why would a man who obviously loves the wild life want to fall in love with a ready-made family?

There were more positives than negatives which is always a good thing when you come out the end of a book and know your time was well spent.

 This is just a sweet romance which will allow you to kill some time in an entertaining way. Since it is storm season, at least where I’m at, and the power keeps going out it’s always useful to have a decent book around to help you ignore the storm or your inability to binge watch Netflix.

 This is the second in a series and although characters from the first pop up a bit in here it’s not overly necessary to have read the first to appreciate this. You may want to just to have that background but it won’t take away your enjoyment of this one.

 I liked all of the interesting animal facts sprinkled in which was a necessity since one of the main characters is a Vet. If you’re an animal lover you should enjoy the cool tidbits sprinkled throughout about wild life.

 The pace isn’t bad, the characters are fairly decent even tinged with a bit of complexity you don’t normally find in a romance genre novel. There were no graphic XXX scenes because the author put a good amount of effort into her story line and content. The plot even seemed realistic so it wasn’t a soap opera romance.

 The only negatives I found were that it did have some predictability in that you could figure out easily, especially early on, how this book would end and that it stuck to the prototypical formula of the main characters having to overcome some kind of obstacle in order to discover love. But if you’re looking for a book that will keep you from being bored and don’t need something to give you a life lesson or provide cheap thrills then this is your go to novel hands down. The positives still outweigh any contrite issues.

 Thank you to Netgalley and Bell Bridge Books for allowing me to review this book.

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