The Lies Within

Amazon No. 1 Bestselling Author of the DI Will Jackman series

‘Perfectly executed’ Sarah Ward

‘Unputdownable’ Rebecca Bradley

‘Crime writing at its best’ David Evans

‘Unmissable’ Michael Wood

‘Mesmerising and disturbing’ June Taylor


 Be under no illusions by her kind face and eloquent manner… This woman is guilty of murder.

 Grace Daniels is distraught after her daughter’s body is found in a Leicestershire country lane. With her family falling apart and the investigation going nowhere, Grace’s only solace is the re-emergence of Faye, an old friend who seems to understand her loss.

 DI Will Jackman delves into the case, until a family tragedy and a figure from his past threaten to derail him.

 When the police discover another victim, the spotlight falls on Grace. Can Jackman find the killer, before she is convicted of a crime she didn’t commit?

 A gripping thriller perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, S.J. Watson, B A Paris and Sophie Hannah

This is the third in Jane Isaac’s series starring DI Will Jackman and she continues her well-developed writing style with yet another intriguing and cleverly written plot. You should be hooked from the beginning of the book as her character Jackman just keeps getting better the more she writes.

 Her series is only getting better with each book as evidence by the storyline in this one which was starting to feel a bit predictable but…One of the things I liked about this novel is that even when it started to feel a bit like you were going to figure things out Isaac managed to hold the frustration at bay by throwing in a shocker when the reveal time came so you still got to enjoy the element of surprise.

 One of the more interesting things Isaac did with this which is what I believe enhances this particular book over the others is the way she beefed up the character of Grace Daniels so you get a wider viewpoint on what’s happening from a very different personality than Jackman. Her writing of Grace really pulls at the heartstrings and she is so clear about the anguish this woman is going through you feel a very real struggle of wanting to believe her but at the same time can you really believe that she isn’t the murderer she’s being accused of being? Isaac did a great job writing this so it feels like more than one voice is guiding the reader. I liked how she started with the prologue so you have a sense of where this story will take you and it’s actually interesting.

 I would recommend starting this when you have a good block of time to devote because it’s not one where you can read a few pages/chapters, go about your life then come back, read some more, put it down again, etc. You’ll really want to dig in and devote your attention because once it gets going you’re not going to want to put it down and I think you’ll enjoy the story more overall with few interruptions. The pace is fairly quick with a great level of suspense so it shouldn’t feel like a chore devoting your time to another chapter of Jackman’s life.

 Thank you to Netgalley and Legend Press for allowing me to review this book.

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