One Step Away

When Marisa’s best friend and colleague Alexander reveals that he has feelings for her, she doesn’t know what to say except that she doesn’t see their relationship going in that direction. Alexander soon gets a promotion, but they find themselves on opposite sides of a public relations nightmare, all but destroying their friendship.

When they meet again later, Alexander is more confident, flirtatious, and decisive, but while he has moved on with his life, Marisa is charmed yet confused by this stranger. And for the first time, she wonders what it would be like if they became something more than…just friends.

It’s my understanding this novel has been updated from the first time the author released it but since I didn’t read it then I can’t compare or comment on whatever changes she’s made. My review is going to be on the current edition.

 I found this to be an adorable story that made for a pleasant afternoon of reading. It provided a great escape from the stress of the world by allowing me to relax and let go inside the world Bristow is creating in this new series. Since I had such a nice experience with this first book I look forward to more by her.

 The pace was a bit on the slow side but I expected that going in due to the genre and purposely had chosen something with the hope that it would allow me to unwind slowly. Eventually Bristow allowed her characters and story to speed up but still in a logical pace so it felt realistic.

 Thank you to Netgalley and Sydney Bristow for allowing me to review this book.

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