This is a Book Full of Monsters

This is a book full of monsters: small, smelly, yelling, creepy… monsters! So it’s a book for hard core monster lovers, but also for beginners in monsterology. With shock effects! Try it yourself! Softies keep out! Conquer your deepest fears! Tremble and shiver with pleasure! Are you scared already? No? Just you wait and see…. (Includes a monstrously fun pop-up spread at the end of the book!)

I have an 8 yr old who LOVES all things monsters so we read this together and she thought it was great. The illustrations captured the fun and spookiness of this story perfectly.

 The way this story is written comes off more conversationalist which makes it GREAT to read aloud especially if you do spooky voices to entertain your kids! My daughter and I had lots of laughs together as we engaged in the story; she roared so loud at one point as it directs you to in the story she scared the cat who took off running, lol!

 As a parent my favorite part was the Diploma of Bravery you ‘earn’ at the end for managing to survive the monster test by finishing the book. It made my daughter so happy and she told me now she wasn’t afraid of monsters anymore because she’s brave since she passed the test. I thought overall it was an adorable story and perfect for bedtime; I can see this being popular at Halloween.

 The ultimate judge was my kiddo and she gives this a fantastic review 🙂

 Thank you to Netgalley and Clavis Books for allowing me to review this book.

 *synopsis and pic from

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