Dark Chapter

STYLIST magazine Top 10 debuts to look out for in 2017

An astonishing and unique novel inspired by the author’s own story

‘An important and moving book’ Cathy Rentzenbrink

‘Complex and rewarding… an important book’ Stylist

‘Dark Chapter is a must-read. It’s gripping, compelling and all the more authentic for inhabiting both voices so completely. Stunning.’ Erin Kelly

‘An authentic, courageous debut, told with unflinching honesty and exceptional insight.’ A.D. Garrett

‘A powerful story, compassionately told.’ Ros Barber, winner of the Desmond Elliott Prize and The Author’s Club First Novel Award

‘An accomplished debut, an honest and unsparing story.’ Cath Staincliffe

‘I have never found myself rooting for a heroine with more urgency’ Kate Rhodes

‘Deftly written, pacey and unflinching, I could not put it down. Winnie Li is a rare talent with an explosive and timely story. Do not miss it.’ Marti Leimbach, best-selling author of Dying Young and Daniel Isn’t Talking

Highly Commended for the CWA Debut Dagger 2015

Shortlisted for the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize 2015

Shortlisted for the Pat Kavanagh Prize 2015

Runner-up in the SI Leeds Literary Prize

Vivian is a cosmopolitan Taiwanese-American tourist who often escapes her busy life in London through adventure and travel. Johnny is a 15-year-old Irish teenager, living a neglected life on the margins of society.

On a bright spring afternoon in West Belfast, their paths collide during a horrifying act of violence.

In the aftermath, each is forced to confront the chain of events that led to the attack.

Inspired by true events, this is a story of the dark chapters and chance encounters that can irrevocably determine the shape of our lives.

Firstly you need to understand the catalyst to this storyline is rape so it contains intense and gritty images of rape and violence. If you can’t handle books where that is a core subject being used you’ll want to steer clear of this but you shouldn’t because Winnie M. Li does a remarkable job handling a horrific subject with beauty and respect. In fact I would implore you to NOT avoid this book, pick it up, find a few hours to yourself and let her inspiring writing take you on an important and meaningful journey.

 She takes an incredibly brutal, soul breaking act and turns it into a book that must be read particularly with how modern society treats the subject. Once I started it there was no way I was putting it down until I finished because Li’s writing talent jumps off the page to capture your attention in an iron fist. She will put you through the emotional ringer with no way to avoid the poignant and sometimes heartbreaking scenes she paints for her characters.

 I feel incredibly honored to have been able to read this book before publication and have tremendous respect for Ms. Li. Based on her own story, she who poured forth her life in a violently honest way that will make you root for the protagonist as she morphs from victim to hero in both the fictional world and reality.

 Thank you to Netgalley and Legend Press for allowing me to review this book.

 Buy at Amazon: http://a.co/fecCQNo

*synopsis and pic from netgalley.com

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