The Book of Whispers

Tuscany, 1096 AD. Young aristocrat Luca can see demons invisible to others, but must hide the fact. A powerful book seems to hold the key to their mystery, but he can’t decipher it. In Cappadocia, during a Crusade, Luca encounters Suzan, a girl who can read the book’s cryptic language. Together, Luca and Suzan realize their true quest.

This fast paced and well developed story had a little bit of everything to provide you an interesting foray into a historical journey through time. Grief, love, chaos, adventure, magic, and the Christian crusades into Jerusalem all melted together into a beguiling and beautiful novel. Thankfully she adds a bit of lightness to the story with a sweet, albeit quickly begun, romance.

This was a good fictional introduction into the Crusades for anyone with little to no familiarity as Starr does a wonderful job making you feel like you are riding alongside the knights desperate for food, water and sanity. Her descriptions of the settings transported you back hundreds of years to a different time and place; you could practically feel the dust getting kicked up around you as your mind allowed you walk the same grounds as once important historical figures. Though I’ve never been to Jerusalem, through Starr’s book I felt as if I had actually gone there. It was beyond obvious the author really worked hard in her research to get historical details correct along with cultures, religions and settings.

You will walk away hoping she creates a sequel though it does end leaving you filling satisfied even if she doesn’t.

Thank you to Netgalley and Text Publishing Company for allowing me to review this book.

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