A New Life

Does a baby turn your life upside down or right side up? New parents, Grace and Zach, find themselves drifting apart after months of no sleep and no sex, not to mention too many fights over the dishes, laundry and in-laws. Sometimes it seems as if they’ll never find their way back together. Is the love they still feel for each other beneath the layers of frustration and unhappiness enough to reignite their forgotten passion?

I felt like I was transported back to the early days of when my kids were born, it was like getting PTSD flashbacks to the first year of no sleep, sex, constantly covered in food and you don’t want to know what else, lol.

Kepke definitely captured that delicate balancing act between the parents trying to fulfill their personal needs while ensuring the new baby has theirs taken care of as well. Somehow more often it seems to be tipping towards baby that first year leaving parents exhausted and on the verge of a nervous breakdown or marriage breakdown which the author portrays with admiration. I liked though that despite the challenges of having a newborn on top of normal life crises, Kepke doesn’t allow her story to get bogged down in negativity; she still found a way to shine a light into that stress filled tunnel.

As a parent taking a trip down memory lane she had my attention captured from chapter one as the story hooked me with characters and adventures I could relate to because trust me, parenting is one hell of a not boring adventure. At times it reminded me of conversations I’ve had with my friends who are fellow parents as we vent about the challenges we face and the joys that keep us going because the author manages to write with this personal level like she’s talking to you as a friend and fellow mom in the war to parent without losing your sanity.

The pace is easy, the humor will find you chuckling out loud, and the tears will come infrequently but at the end you’ll be glad you went on this heartwarming journey into parenthood.

Thank you to Netgalley and The Wild Rose Press, Inc for allowing me to review this book.

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*synopsis and pic from netgalley.com

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