Santa’s Song

Santa’s Song: A Playful Holiday Sing-Along Song for Children of All Ages

Children of all ages will have fun and giggle along as they discover a new way to sing the popular tune “We Wish You A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”  Perfect each verse and then play along with letter combinations that will have everyone laughing out loud.  Fun for parents to share with children at story-time, or for the classroom. This silly song will create smiles and a jolly, happy time for all. The book is a companion to the award-winning Grafton and Scratch Publisher’s edition of the classic poem, Twas The Night Before Christmas, edited by Santa Claus for children of the 21st. century.

Kids are going to love learning a new way to sing old songs and adults will enjoy boosting their holiday parties as they join together to add a new version to their musical selections.

McColl starts off with a cute story about the game and the ‘origin’ of the song variations. Then she goes into how to play with some recommendations. She even provides a little historical context for the Christmas songs and the act of caroling which might encourage more people to get in on the fun during the holiday season.

It’s definitely a fun and interesting way to teach/remember the alphabet J

My girls and I tried this out and we couldn’t get very far without them breaking down into laughter from the odd way it sounds at times.

Thank you to Netgalley and Grafton & Scratch Publishers for allowing me to review this book.

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