The Summer Visitors

‘One of the smartest writers of popular fiction around.’ Irish Independent

Summer has arrived in Ballyanna, and so too has a mysterious visitor …

American documentary maker Daniel O’Connell is renting the beautiful Cable Lodge for the summer. He’s hoping that three months researching an old cable station in a remote village on the south-west coast of Ireland will help him and his traumatised son finally move on from the accident that killed his wife.

Meanwhile local hotel owner’s daughter Annie Sullivan has communication problems of her own to deal with. Home on sabbatical from her life in London, she’s keeping a secret from her dysfunctional family and trying to save them and the hotel from their latest drama.

As summer draws to a close in Ballyanna, both Dan and Annie are forced to confront the pasts they’ve been escaping. But will they be able to grasp the future that lies ahead?

The Summer Visitors is a heart-warming story about love, second chances and moving on.

Those who know me are going to say I’m biased because I’m reviewing a book by one of my own people so of course I’m going to think highly of anything written by an Irish woman. Everyone knows I think all the Irish have been gifted supernaturally to be excellent storytellers AND it’s being put out by an Irish publisher on top of it.

BUT! You would be wrong, well a little bit wrong. Of course I wanted to review it because it’s by one of the most amazing women to set the gold standard for Women’s Fiction in Ireland. Thankfully though, I don’t have to use a thesaurus to look up the antonyms of whatever I think to provide a glowing review just to keep up the idea that the Irish can’t write bad books. Thank you Ms. O’Brien for saving my butt by writing a worthy novel that is perfect to have at the ready as the summer holidays approach.

She writes about relationships, love, heartbreak, grief, parenting, faith, family and how fragile everything can be. It is definitely a character driven novel with a whole lot of them but she develops each of them with ease from the beginning and keeps them and their stories from falling over a cliff. I loved how she set up the relationships between the various family members because I could see a lot of similarities with my own family which caught me laughing and shaking my head at times.

Overall this covered the emotional spectrum with the perfect twist to keep you wanting to read til the end. You can’t help but get pulled into and ride out the journey with laughter and tears as you discover O’Brien has earned her reputation for being one of the best Fiction writers of the Emerald Isle.

Thank you to Netgalley and Hachette Books Ireland for allowing me to review this book.

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