Don’t Say a Word

A happy child.

Every parent knows the world can be scary. Lawyer Jen Sutton knows it better than most. And she’ll go to any length to protect her son from what – and who – lies outside their front door.

A loving mother.

Some might say she’s being over-protective. But isn’t it a mother’s duty to protect her child from harm?

A family built on a lie.

Jen has kept her secrets safe. Until the postcard arrives, signed by the one person she hoped would never catch up with her… and her new case begins to feel a little too close to home.

One thing is clear: Jen has been found.

Now, she faces a choice. Run, and lose everything? Or fight – and risk her son discovering the truth.

Don’t Say a Word is the electrifying new psychological thriller from AL Bird – perfect for fans of CL Taylor and Sue Fortin.

I haven’t quite decided how I feel yet. On the way hand it was great to read a thriller where I didn’t figure out every detail before the author started the reveals and one surprised me quite a bit to the point I had to reread some passages to see how I missed that coming.

One you get towards the end you better hope you’re not needed for anything because you will find yourself glued until the last word as the pace picks up crazy quick. I liked the characters, at least the decent ones, and not so much the bad ones which is always nice when you don’t end up feeling the reverse like I did with another book recently.

The character development mostly made sense especially as the past started filling out so the reader can truly understand the motivations and actions of everyone involved.

The only big negatives I found were a few plot devices I felt the author really wanted us to stretch our imaginations in believing that would happen in reality and some of character’s little internal monologues seemed to last forever.

Thank you to Netgalley and Harper Collins UK for allowing me to review this book.

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