Tessie Tames Her Tongue

Tessie is bright and eager to share all the stories about her life. She talks to her parents, her little brother, the bus driver, her teacher, and her classmates. But when she gets chatty, she’s loud . . . and talks with her mouth full of food . . . and doesn’t give anyone else a chance to say what’s on their minds. After her little brother complains and her classmates ignore her, Tessie knows it’s time to tame her talkative tongue. With help from her school counselor, Tessie learns to talk less and listen more.

As a parent of daughter who is just like the character Tessie in this book I loved what Martin did with her. Tessie comes off really adorable, happy and obviously not a bad child. She has good parents and teaching staff around her who want to help channel that energy into something positive which I like since they aren’t trying to tear down her self-esteem.

The illustrations that accompanied her story fit perfectly and I appreciated the diversity that was woven throughout.

The big seller for me as a parent though was what came after the story. The author provided tips on how to help children in a positive manner as well as educational lessons for caregivers, teachers and kids. This is truly a wonderful book that would not only help children learn the proper time to speak up but also help the adults learn how to encourage children to have a voice but not at the detriment of others. She even broke her tips up into sections specifically for parents and educators.

When I discovered Martin is a child therapist who uses play therapy the book made complete sense. I’m a big proponent of play therapy and have used it with my daughters who are on the autism spectrum.  I read this book with my daughters and it helped us to have a more focused discussion on talking and listening. I would highly encourage parents and educators to get this and put the lessons into practice.

Thank you to Netgalley and Free Spirit Publishing for allowing me to review this book.

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*synopsis and pic from netgalley.com

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