Little Tails In Prehistory

Chipper and Squizzo are a precocious puppy and squirrel who love to explore new and exciting environments, flying their cardboard box airplane to wondrous worlds full of fascinating animals and creatures. In each volume of this fun, educational series, they tour a different location, encountering the real-world animals found there in beautiful illustration and fun cartoon strip antics. This exciting volume sees our adorable nature guides traveling back in time (in their cardboard time machine) to view the dinosaurs up close!

Using comic panels, beautiful illustrations, time travel and a couple of really cute characters to narrate Frederic Brremaud has created the perfect book for young dinosaur lovers.

The illustrations by Federico Bertolucci are just so colorful and eye catching you can’t help but pour over all the minute details especially since the dinosaur panels are in stark contrast to the panels with the narrating characters.

Brremaud did a great job with those practically impossible to pronounce dinosaur names so the reader will know which ones they are learning about. There is tons of neat information about insects, land animals, sea animals, those that take to the air and scientific principles like evolution. Just when you think it’s over you’re treated to a bit extra with factoids about the animals and a small history lesson.

Kids will find this book easy to read and parents will love that their kids are learning something.

Thank you to Netgalley and Diamond Book Distributors for allowing me to review this book.

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