The Walls


Working on death row is far from Kristy Tucker’s dream, but she is grateful for a job that allows her to support her son and ailing father.

When she meets Lance Dobson, Kristy begins to imagine a different kind of future. But after their wedding, she finds herself serving her own life sentence—one of abuse and constant terror.

But Kristy is a survivor, and as Lance’s violence escalates, the inmates she’s worked with have planted an idea she simply can’t shake.

Now she must decide whether she’ll risk everything to protect her family. Does she have what it takes to commit the perfect crime?

THE WALLS is a heart-stopping novel of suspense, by the author of the international bestselling thriller BABY DOLL.

I thought Hollie Overton did some good work in a previous novel of hers I had read, Baby Doll, so I jumped at the chance to read this one. I was glad I did because she knows how to get under your skin.

Overton’s specialty are the suspense filled, gripping plots that make you examine your own views on right and wrong.

The beginning starts off a bit rough with characters being thrown at you quicker than you have time to process who means what to who and the story so the development is a little bit hard to follow with so much information pushed to the forefront. It does smooth out though then all that information you were given up front begins to make sense pulling the various plot points together into one emotionally challenging story.

The good characters feel just as they are intended so you want to hope the best for them while the big bad you secretly want to write a scene in where he gets hit by a car. Once you really get to the meat of the story the adrenaline from wondering if she’ll take her revenge or not and how becomes addictive to the point it becomes hard to point down; almost as if you’re afraid you’ll miss out on that big important moment.

The ending? For pure black and white moralists it will be hard to take but for the rest of the world who believes sometimes the end justifies the means, it was very satisfying.

Thank you to Netgalley and Redhook for allowing me to review this book.

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