It’s Hard to Swim

Life’s Little Lessons by Ellie the Wienerdog – Lesson #2

Ellie the Wienerdog is back!

In Life’s Little Lesson #2, It’s Hard to Swim, readers are reunited with their favorite wiener dog as she is about to abruptly get her paws wet.

Romping on dry ground and chasing a ball are the activities Ellie believes dogs are built to do. However, one day as she is enjoying her canine fun, she chases her ball onto a dock and then finds herself cornered by her “people” who think it would be a good idea for her to take a little dip.

The drama builds as her mind goes into over drive imagining all the terrifying possibilities that could await her below the surface of the water.

Will she sink? Will she end up as dinner for a hungry shark or a monster fish? Or will she overcome her fear and discover all the fun that comes with trying something new? Her future hangs at the end of a dock with very dark water below . . .

Swim is a year-round Summer Fun read! Kids will love searching for all the hidden treasures in the vibrant, whimsical illustrations and grown-ups will love the timeless lesson that is shared through Ellie’s humorous tale.

The team of K.J. Hales and Serene Wyatt have done it again – thanks to the inspiration from Ellie the Wienerdog.

I loved how bright and colorful this story is particularly how the illustrator makes the pictures come to life as if they’re full of action instead of just sitting on the page; you almost feel as if Ellie is actually swimming in the water, walking on the landing, etc. The darling story it tells about facing your fears, with lilting rhymed sentences, is perfect for us because I have a young daughter who is afraid of swimming so reading her a story about someone else being scared and how they got over it plus found some amazing adventures in the process has made her want to try swimming again.

Thank you to Netgalley and Open Door Press, Inc for allowing me to review this book.

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