Mr. Owliver’s Magic at the Museum

Mr. Owliver loves his job as nightwatchman for the Animaltown Art Museum, partly because he’s an owl and is up at night anyway, but mostly because he’s proud to protect such beautiful works of art. His friends think he must be lonely, but he has the company of the all subjects in the paintings. One in particular, the lovely Ms. Wren in Auguste Wrenoir’s The Loge, is his favorite. One night on his birthday he has a feeling things aren’t as they should be. That’s when he makes a startling discovery that begins a night full of surprises. This is definitely a birthday Mr. Owliver will never forget! This book is designed to introduce children to some famous masterpieces while entertaining the adult reader with visual puns.

As an art lover who takes her kids regularly to our local art galleries this book has made my MUST HAVE list. The story is really cute and told well so that it captured my daughters’ attention. They loved that it was full of animal being depicted in positions and actions normally reserved for humans. What really made this stand out is how the author uses well-known pieces of work depicted throughout her museum only animals are in the place of humans. It’s an absolutely indigenous way to introduce art to the young to peak their interest then show them the real pieces the book is based upon. At the end of the story you are treated to a small history lesson of each of the pieces which includes the real title, artist and time period. This was such an imaginative and unique work, it inspired my daughters to want to create their own version of popular pieces for a summer project.

Thank you to Netgalley and Schiffer Kids for allowing me to review this book.

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