The Expansion

Max Burns in the frame for sabotage and murder, and at the center of a web of political intrigue and betrayal. Who can he trust? ……

….. In the arena of global trade and diplomacy, stakes are high, and when a senior official of the Panama Canal Administration is found dead, British-born geomatic engineer Max Burns, finds himself in the frame for sabotage and murder, and at the center of a web of political intrigue and betrayal that reaches far beyond the idyllic shores of Central America.

The only person Max can trust is his new-found love, beautiful Karis Deen, a scientist with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Except Karis herself holds a dangerous secret that could not only destroy Max, but could change the entire balance of world power.

This is one of those books that hooks you straight away with an explosion of fast paced details as you get to travel through the beautiful setting of Panama on an adventure full of intrigue, good old fashioned espionage, secrets and of course murder.

Our darling Brit is everything you could want in a main character and is backed by some equally wonderful help in his friends and family that add a colorful layer to the author’s character work.

After that opening that rocks your seat be prepared to move into a slower pace since this is the first in a new series; he has to lay the foundation for a long drawn out story. Along the way you are going to meet the characters that will be accompanying you on this multi-book journey as they face a variety of trials and he is taking this time to provide some decent complexity to them so you’ll want to keep with their stories. One of the things I loved in his book was that his female characters weren’t here just to prop up their male counterparts, the author really did a good job in making them compelling, strong women. They definitely didn’t come off as the stereotypical ‘Bond’ girls who often feel more like eye candy than substance.

Hopefully you’ll stick through the slow parts as the pace and tension pick up leading you up to a dramatic ending with a strong cliff hanger.

Thank you to Netgalley and Clink Street Publishing for allowing me to review this book.

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