The Know-Nonsense Guide to Measurements

Get kids excited about learning! The Know-Nonsense Guide to Measurements is a hilariously illustrated, quirky and fun guide that kids will love!

Turn each page in this book to learn a new basic concept about how we measure things, from length and mass to time and intensity. Basic units include feet, yards, meters, grams, bits and bytes, seconds, minutes, decibels, and more! Also included are the differences between the system of measurement in the United States and the metric system. The Know-Nonsense Guide to Measurements turns what can at times be dry topics into something approachable and fun. Full of quirky and hilarious illustrations, kids will love learning so much they might even laugh out loud.

As a parent, lover of science and self-professed bad ass cook I thought this book was great. It’s the perfect accompaniment to science classes for kids (and some adults) as it makes learning about the various ways we measure fun. Star Wars fans will appreciate the section on light years and parsecs so they can finally grasp what Han Solo is talking about! Since I cook a variety of Mexican dishes that require all kinds of peppers I liked the information on the Scoville scale because now it makes so much more sense – hopefully I’ll remember for future reference rather than use the ‘taste test and drown my mouth in milk’ method. The occasional bouts of humor thrown in like when they describe what unit of temperature birds use was adorable.

I felt the illustrations added another layer of fun and they fit perfectly with what the author was trying to teach. The colors are eye-catching and the characters were perfectly rendered to capture a child’s attention span.

It feels like this has the ability to be a great opener for kids to help them see math and science are not as scary as they might first appear.

Thank you to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing Group for allowing me to review this book.

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