Beloved Hope

A Compelling Novel of Forgiveness and Hope from Leading Author Tracie Peterson

Hope Flanagan survived the massacre at the Whitman Mission, but at terrible personal cost. Safe now in Oregon City, she lives with her sisters, Grace and Mercy, and Grace’s new husband, Alex. As she spends her days tending their flock of sheep, Hope’s mind and soul are slowly healing. Yet, though she was once surrounded by suitors, she has no interest in giving her heart again after the man she loved died in her arms.

Hope’s precarious new peace is shattered when those responsible for the massacre are captured and put on trial. She is asked to testify against them, but she’s not sure she can bear to relive the events of those horrific days.

As Hope struggles to free herself from the pain of her past, Lance Kenner, an Army lieutenant, brings an unexpected ray of light into her life. But what will Lance think of her if he learns the truth behind her anguish? And what secrets lie in his past?

This being the second in the series you definitely want to make sure to read the one prior so you can understand the full scope of the story, heartache, strength, loss and everything in between that Peterson is throwing at her readers upon the pages of this emotionally powerful piece of Christian Fiction.

Hope Flanagan is the kind of woman that if I lived back in those times (thank GOD I don’t because me without WIFI and Starbucks is not pretty) would hope to befriend. She’s that person who will help keep you strong, fight challenges with a quiet yet ferocious tenacity, and use her head to survive another day. She’s the epitome of strength on the frontier. At the same time as we see when this story picks up, Hope has faced some truly terrible and deep heartbreak that is enough to shatter any one. We find ourselves shedding tears as she goes through the grieving process, cheering her on as she begins to heal, and wanting to hug her to make sure she knows she’s not alone.

I love how Peterson writes characters that feel as if they could be your real friends, you can’t help but become emotionally invested in her stories. One of the other things I like about reading her books is that even though they are fiction she does a great job tending to details so you become transported back to a much harsher time period. You can practically feel the dust get kicked up on your legs from the unpaved roads, the sweat fall down your skin from the lack of A/C – then again I’m reading this in Texas during the summer so some of that could actually be from the environment around me lol.

Even when she begins to throw a bit of possible romance in, the storyline is done with respect to Hope’s grieving process so it feels real instead of like okay one day she’s sad but she met this hot guy so he has completely won her over and healed her heart just with a snap of his fingers. Thankfully you can count on Peterson to create a decent story instead of one you want to roll your eyes at.

Thank you to Netgalley and Bethany House Publishers for allowing me to review this book.

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