Married in Montana

Beautiful, spirited, Texas born Ellie Burnett needs a husband. Fast. Her father, rancher Archibald Burnett, is dying, and she’s determined to marry to protect the ranch and preserve her father’s legacy in Montana’s rugged Paradise Valley. The trouble is, she wants to wear the boots in the family and the man she has in mind, Irishman Thomas Sheenan would never stand for that.

Independent and taciturn Thomas Sheenan isn’t looking for a wife, having spent far too much of his life taking care of others. He’s come to Montana to carve out his own identity, and be his own man. The last thing he needs is a headstrong bride, but when Ellie approaches him with the offer of a lifetime, he can’t refuse.

Thomas didn’t anticipate falling for his new bride. He moved to Montana to stake his claim…he never planned on losing his heart.

The Paradise Valley Ranch Series continues with this second novel which shows Porter’s ability to create interesting historical fiction with a romantic flair.

Ellie and Thomas will capture your heart as you follow their journey back during a time when a woman pretty much needed a man in order to survive. The chemistry between them was palpable and I did like that Porter gave her main female character a backbone so she didn’t play into the weak willed stereotype. The author also added in some real heartfelt writing by examining Ellie’s grief through the death of her father and I liked that she didn’t go with the insta-love trope but instead allowed their relationship to progress very naturally.

It’s just such a sweet story that tugs at the heartstrings; it will make you smile and cry at the same time.

Thank you to Netgalley and Tule Publishing for allowing me to review this book.

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