Nearly fully recovered from a car accident that caused a major concussion, Edie Black is hopeful about returning to her life as a freelance journalist and college teacher. A series of bizarre incidents and the persistent feeling that she’s being followed make Edie question the reliability of her thoughts and instincts. Edie meets Skye Kenny, a brilliant and shy former soldier, and their immediate connection has Edie confessing her paranoid thoughts. Skye convinces Edie she is in real danger, and together the two women discover that information was embedded in Edie’s brain during her concussion recovery and whoever put it there will do whatever it takes to get it back. On the run, Edie and Skye must uncover who is behind this plot while keeping Edie and her mind intact. Trusting Skye with her life, Edie can only hope she can also be trusted with her heart.

The first chapter pulls you in then the page turning greatness just keeps you glued to the end. I liked that although this is such an action packed book Webb still balanced it with some romance in such a way that the chemistry leaps off the pages in this intense, steamy kind of way.

Webb is someone you can count on for accuracy and realism in her books which I love because it makes it so much easier to fall into the story and forget the world around you. Her dialogue is well written and sounds conversationalist. She has a fast pace, good writing style, developed characters, plenty of action and an exciting plot. She handled the subject of PTSD very well and wove it wonderfully into her story.

I was disappointed in a sense that she seemed to have written this to be a one off instead of the beginning to a series just because she had me really interested in her world building and character development so it would’ve been nice knowing more is coming down the pike. However with her talent I could see a few places how she’d do a spin off focusing on other characters.

Jessica Webb is an author that can’t seem to put out anything bad so if you haven’t read her before you need to go pick up another of her books.

Thank you to Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for allowing me to review this book.

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