Suburban Zombie High

Boxford High pranksters cause a chemistry lab to go wrong and students are forced to face something far worse than S.A.T.’s and cafeteria lunches – an infection that turns students into zombies scouring the halls for survivors.

A group of unlikely companions; an artistic goth, star-athlete jock, disgruntled loner, would-be marine, sassy cheerleader, and angry Asian, set aside their homework to fend off the zombie apocalypse. As they fight through locker rooms and dance their way across the theater, they find surviving zombies may be more difficult than puberty.

Now they must set aside homework and bake sale fundraisers to fend off the zombie apocalypse before the infection reaches beyond the walls of their suburban high school.

This is the type of funny, campy, outrageously hysterical kind of drama that more than likely would never happen but is best to be prepared for just in case.

The witty writing makes it hard to put this down as Flagg takes the genres of Action/Adventure, Horror and Humor to a new level with this irreverent, sometimes sarcastic, examination of teenage behavior at the high school level. It’s got something for everyone between the zombies and teen melodrama. Using Breakfast Club like tropes you have all the necessary personalities covered here. The few adult characters weren’t really done well but then they seemed to be there more as props to give the students something to act against.

The only negative I found was some of the language  used by the characters towards each other which came off a bit racist but at the same time I know teens actually talk to each other like this so at least the author was capturing some realism. I’m always on the fence with this kind of stuff because on one hand I don’t want to encourage it but to ignore that people talk like this doesn’t make it go away.

If you get to the end and felt you liked it more than hated then be happy because this is just the first in a series.

Thank you to Netgalley and Brave New Words for allowing me to review this book.

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