The Festival Shoes

Pixie Drumlo is drafted to help deliver rewards to children on earth—With the Great Festival approaching, Drumlo is entrusted with a most treasured reward. Determined, he sets out on his journey, venturing down to earth through unknown lands. Faced with an unexpected challenge, Drumlo must live up to the faith his teachers showed in him. Can Drumlo overcome this obstacle and complete his quest before the Great Festival begins? Or will he run out of time? The Festival Shoes offers an inside look into an enchanting world where children’s words, thoughts, and actions are transformed into magical threads … where fate fairies weave these threads into special rewards … and where every nature being helps ensure all actions are rewarded.

This is a timeless story that will enthrall and capture the imagination of young readers as fantasy touches are woven in a magically beautiful style. The writing is so vivid you feel like you are actually right there with the pixies as the author’s use of vivid colors embedded on nearly every page make the story explode off the pages. The few illustrations sprinkled throughout only serve to further enhance the splendor of this story. The author manages to educate, not just entertain, as they impart problem solving skills, consequences of actions and the positive benefits of hard work throughout the story. I loved the Discussion Questions at the end because it only serves to make this book that much more perfect for caregivers and educators to share with children.

Thank you to Netgalley and Magnifying Children’s Horizons for allowing me to review this book.


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