Hair to the Throne

The city of Flecton is ruled with an iron fist by Demon Prince Vehr, whose human citizens suffer under demonic enslavement and live in fear of her ever-watchful presence. The prince herself is never seen, living in her underground palace and sending demons to kidnap skilled humans to serve her.

Ten years earlier, Merle’s best friend and closest confidante Abeille, a promising silversmith, was taken to Vehr’s palace. Now, Vehr seeks a hairdresser, and Merle has exactly the skills she needs. Surviving the hairy situation will take more than wits—it’ll take good people to rely on, old friends and new.

Meredith Katz has a real knack for making fantasy worlds seem very realistic and that talent has continued in her latest novel, 3rd in her series after The Cobbler’s Soleless Son and Behind Bars.

This being the 3rd in a series I feel it’s important you have read the first 2 so that you will have a better understanding of the world she’s built, its rules and character types. After all it is about a world where demons rule and humans are treated as slaves which isn’t something done regularly. The series may focus on demon versus human interaction but even within her demon characters there is a variety as some appear humanoid and others the kind of thing that would probably appear in a Wes Craven type of movie. They even have sex demons who screw with your emotions and make you want someone.

The main setting for this particular novel is the lair of the head honcho – the demon prince you don’t want to get on the wrong side of unless you have a death wish. I liked how Katz set up this part because the way she describes the prison like city surrounding the castle and the castle which is underground and inverted you practically feel those walls closing in around you.

Katz has created this incredibly strong yet uplifting figure in Merle who despite her tragic circumstances has still managed to find a way to remain positive and look for ways to make her circumstances better. When she’s reunited with her long lost best friend, Abeille, there’s this part of you that wants to shout out and cheer.

Her scenes are so vivid that when a battle scene erupts between 2 characters you can practically see the blood flying off them from the wounds as the melodrama between them turns into a passionate affair.

I only had one negative that kept throwing me off. Something she does in her series that kept throwing me off is how the demon in charge is given the title of Prince but female pronouns are used so I would assume the character is a girl. ‘Prince’ is normally the male version of that royal title so you’d think she’d be ‘Princess’. I just never could get used to it.

If you’re a fan of Katz then you should check out this series. The books aren’t very long so it should be easy to squeeze them into your day.

Thank you to Netgalley and Less Than Three Press for allowing me to review this book.

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