“They took my life. Now I take theirs.”

#IKARI is an original screenplay for a short film drawing from the work of Akira Kurosawa, as well as THE CROW and DEATH WISH. A tale of rage and retribution, IKARI follows Cole Jensen, a former police officer who is murdered in cold blood by a local gangster. At the edge of life and death, he is approached by a Shinigami-a Japanese death god-and given both a weapon and a new purpose: exact bloody vengeance on the man who killed him.

It’s bloody, it’s brutal, it’s one of his best ideas.

“Revenge is more wild, less calculated…deeply personal. Retribution is a punishment that is morally right and fully deserved.”-Mitch Rapp

Collier Jennings is this crazy amazing writer and his latest screenplay, IKARI, is proof that Hollywood needs to start paying attention.


I feel like I’m actually there in the thick of action. My skin shivered as his descriptions are so vivid everything melts away; you are pulled into the anger and retribution soaking his pages.

His characters are rich, dark, complex and everyone’s bloody. Motivations are simple, crime is rampant and a defense attorney could retire on all the guilt.

When you get to the showdown between Cole and Emily towards the end be prepared for an explosive battle of spiritually epic proportions. If you ever wanted to see a truly beautiful, heart wrenching example of what the phrase ‘pyrrhic victory’ means Jennings has found a way to provide one so his story comes full circle in a truly satisfying conclusion.

The ending? Not ashamed to admit I was in tears.

Obviously a screenplay is not like a regular novel as its form is vastly different but something about the way Jennings write you forget you’re reading something with stage directions and other necessities as the story is designed to be played out before your eyes not just in your mind.

You just become lost in the bloodbath, love, grief, and anger as his character Cole slices his way to the heart of his pain.

If this ever gets made into movie they better not screw up his screenplay!

I highly recommend you follow Collier Jennings on social media so you’ll be among those in the know when the movie industry finally takes note of an as yet undiscovered, powerful voice in modern cinema.

Facebook: Collier Jennings AKA “CJ the Mighty”

Twitter: @CJTheArchitect


Graphic art by the talented J.T. Millstead

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