Gotham Academy: Second Semester Vol. 1

The acclaimed creative team of Brenden Fletcher (BATGIRL), Becky Cloonan (Southern Cross) and Karl Kerschl (WEDNESDAY COMICS) are joined by artist Adam Archer (AME-COMI GIRLS) as classes begin and new mysteries unfold for the kids of Gotham Academy in GOTHAM ACADEMY: SECOND SEMESTER VOL. 1: WELCOME BACK!

It’s the second semester at Gotham Academy, and everything is back to normal. Of course, “normal” for Gotham’s top prep school would be considered uncontrollable weirdness anywhere else!

First, a bunch of students start walking out of their extracurricular activities with no explanation and signing up for a strange new society—Witch Club! Then, a stolen map of the Academy puts the students on the trail of ancient symbols and hidden chambers.

There’s plenty for the Detective Club to investigate—but Olive Silverlock is distracted by her new rebel roommate, Amy. Is Maps Mizoguchi right to be suspicious of a bad influence, or just jealous that she’s losing her best friend?

Plus, Detective Club is joined by the World’s Greatest Detective—Batman!

This is one of the better books for the younger audiences under DC’s banner.

This series is well written with a strong link in storylines from the first volume to the last so you get a high rate of consistency which allows you to feel like you’re binging on one long novel instead of shorter installments strung together.

The overall fun with these storylines will appeal to kids and make them wish for a school like this just like Potter fans eagerly await their acceptance letters delivered through owl mail. The mysteries, interactions, friendships and character set ups are family friendly rated which is a breath of fresh air when trying to find something you can let your kids read without feeling like you need to be looking over their shoulder.

I loved the images with its beautiful architecture and Hogwartsesque feeling between the buildings, staff, students, passageways, and off limit areas (remember the Forbidden Forest and Fluffy?). The artwork is so attention grabbing, detailed and well-done it fits perfectly with the story and just seems expertly well done.

With seemingly so many reboots, spin-offs, whatever you want to call Rebirth and New 52 this feels like an innocent and fun way to get to know the characters we’ve shared our lives, dreams and hopes with for years.

As a parent I adore these stories and I’m glad they are something I feel comfortable letting my kids read so they can use them as a stepping stone to the wider DC world.

Thank you to Netgalley and DC Comics for allowing me to review this book.

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