The Backup Bunny

Everybody needs a backup plan, especially when you lose your favorite toy.

When Max loses his favorite toy—Bunny—his clever mom brings out the “backup bunny”—Fluffy—to save the day. Fluffy is thrilled to have the chance to play with Max, but is soon rejected by the observant child who notices that his ears are too new and perky. Can Fluffy find a way into his favorite boy’s heart?

The Backup Bunny will keep you laughing and inspire you to make room for another favorite story.

WHY did I never think to have a backup? The agony, the sleepless night, the headaches that all would have been saved with this simple measure!!

This is a genius parenting hack I never thought of – when your child has something they can’t live without why not have a spare ready? Of course the spare won’t be exact because it won’t have the same feel, the same loved on, played with, fought those childhood battles with kind of aura about it but it’s better than nothing right?

Rayner discusses that idea, maybe even answers it, within her story that provides simple illustrations and great talking points to have with your kid. Why are they so attacked to a toy or blanket, what would happen if they don’t have it anymore, can something else provide the same sense of comfort and joy, and so on. I couldn’t help but think of that Mr. Mom movie at one point about when he talks to his kid that now is the time to give up the blanket that has been an essential part of his life.

As parents most of us have been there when our kid latched onto something that seemed life altering if it disappeared; this is a story about that but from the toy’s point of view which I found unique.

Thank you to Netgalley and North South Books for allowing me to review this book.

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