How to Change a Life

A dare between friends leads to startling revelations and simmering tensions in the latest novel from the author of Wedding Girl.

Eloise is happy with her life as a successful private chef. She has her clients, her corgi, and a recipe for the world’s most perfect chocolate cream pie. What more could she need? But when her long-lost trio of high school friends reunites, Eloise realizes how lonely she really is.

Eloise, Lynne, and Teresa revamp their senior-class assignment and dare one another to create a list of things to accomplish by the time they each turn forty in a few months. Control freak Lynne has to get a dog, Teresa has to spice up her marriage, and Eloise has to start dating again.

Enter Shawn, a hunky ex-athlete and the first man Eloise could see herself falling for. Suddenly forty doesn’t seem so lonely—until a chance encounter threatens the budding romance and reveals the true colors of her friends. Will the bucket listers make it to forty still speaking to one another? Or do some friendships come with an expiration date?

This is one of those books you should read with your best friend, book club, or when you want an easy book to read that isn’t going to add more stress to your already hectic life. Something about the way Ballis writes lets you just kick back and enjoy the ride, as if you’re lounging on the beach and taking in the scenery.

She has created some wonderful female characters that symbolize what so many women ponder or want to do when they get to a certain point in their lives. If they’re lucky enough they’ll have someone to share the journey with and within these pages Ballis provides a visual of how all that might shake out.

Ballis allows to wonder what it’d be life if we wanted to change our life and actually took steps to do; is it going to be easy, hard or just a dream long gone? What about when you have those friends you’ve known for years; from when you were kids, high school or college? Is it possible to remain friends in the truest sense with someone that long without the relationship just disappearing or worse causing havoc in your life because somewhere along the way one or both of you changed and you haven’t faced it yet?

This is one of those books that lets your mind play the what if game, wander over all the potential questions and answers that only women seem to bother with which is good because even while people gazing at the beach your mind still should be intellectually fed.

You get to discover how hard but important it is to face your fears rather than stay in the middle of the road with plenty of laughs, fun, treats that aren’t legal everywhere and surprises the way only Ballis knows how to write them.

Kick back and enjoy this charming story.

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