James Clyde and the Diamonds of Orchestra

Alongside his friends Ben and Mary Forester, James Clyde must protect a powerful diamond from falling into the wrong hands. A strange and sinister man dressed in black is also pursuing the diamond and will stop at nothing to obtain it. James and his friends set off on a perilous journey to return the diamond to its rightful place. But they are being hunted every step of the way by the relentless man in black and his blood-thirsty army. Outnumbered, James finds he must use the power of the diamond to escape their clutches – or become another victim of their murderous quest. So begins a journey that will transport them to an alternative world where they must confront the mysterious man in black for a final, winner-takes-all battle…

Irish author Colm McElwain certainly tapped into the talent for fantasy and prose so often found wound through the DNA of the Emerald Isle. Lewis’s inspiration from his Narnia series is certainly on display in this magical adventure full of action scenes and fantasy. Like Narnia, though written for a younger audience, you will find it so spellbinding that any adult will fall prey to its mythos.

These young kids who your heart just melts for are forced to live a tumultuous and not so happy life except for this bright spot found in a warm elderly man who spins tales like straw into gold. Except those tales may have more truth to them than any hope Rumpelstiltskin can find some decency.

The book feels almost like two halves put together much the way it did in Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. You have the part where the kids are on Earth then off the kids go to a world with sword fights, warriors, and an evil queen.

Get ready for a fun journey through amazing settings with enough mystery sprinkled about to keep your imagination hopping.

It is kind of set up for a sequel and the author has talked about the probability of doing one but so far as I know right now he hasn’t made that firm.

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