When Allie’s best friend dares their group to play a game in a cemetery—something she calls “witching”—Allie never expects what it might mean for her. When she plays, she doesn’t just find bodies, she summons their souls. But one soul wants more than Allie is willing to give.

And the boy next door could be the key to saving her.

Cody Burkhart. Straight from Montana, cowboy hat wearing, and smoking hot, he’s just the thing to help Allie become “normal” again after the death of her mother. And as her newly appointed Guardian, he’s also just the thing to help Allie ward off the vengeful spirit who’s after her soul. Except Cody has his own demons to slay that keep him closed off. But as the full moon approaches, so does their only chance to break the curse, and Cody will have to make the biggest sacrifice of all.

Grimm provides these characters that draw you into the story with this emotional depth and chemistry that feels so real you almost believe it’s tangible. You get a romance angle between a couple of them but it’s not done in that oft irritating YA way, this felt more like a slow burn who wanted to enjoy the ride. I liked that she didn’t just play off the love at first sight trope that seems almost a requirement in YA novels by having them fall all over each other at minute one but rather have them take longer steps to get to know each other, be more responsible about it.

My only irritation with her character work was the minor roles that seemed to only exist as filler or to help her main characters behavioral choices make sense. She writes really good characters so you want to know more about these people but they’re dangled in front of you then pulled back before you get a chance to connect.

Her plot is spooky enough to cause a chill to poke at your spine and goosebumps raise across your arms. She gets into your head and you start running through all the scenarios of what if this was real, what if you were involved, what if souls could crossover?

I know I already brought up the romance thing earlier but I just have to give Grimm a HIGH FIVE again for not falling into the trap practically every book in the YA genre does when it comes to romance. If there’s an aware out there for a writer FINALLY creating a decent relationship in this genre please give it here.

Thank you to Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for allowing me to review this!

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*synopsis and image from Netgalley

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