Three Heart Echo

The demented thing is that this evolved from the most sickly sweet, heart-wrenching love story you’ve ever heard. I went to Sully because I just couldn’t get over Jack’s murder. I couldn’t deal.

Iona came to me the same most did: because there was no closure. A love cut too short. She begged me to open the gate between the living and the dead.

We should have left it shut.

This. This is not a love story. This is a possession story. A story of lies. A story of two faces. This is a story of death and violent echoes from the other side.

And there will be no happy endings.

Since we’re entering into the Halloween season this is a great book to have on your shelf to get ready for that creeped out feeling. The cover is engaging and begs you to come in; this is a sirens call you should answer so you can discover a compelling story about love, life, death and the binds that hold instead of breaking.

The plot dabbles in horror, suspense, and paranormal as we follow Iona through the grieving process. Rather than find a therapeutic way to heal, she chooses a darker path that will have you glued to the pages NEEDING answers.

I loved that as creepy as the plot is the reason you can get into it so much is because we are given complex characters with full developed backstories, motivations, emotions, everything you could want so you can drop out of your life and into theirs.

If you love getting that skin tingling, hair standing up on the back of your neck feeling, wait til night and pull this out. The author warns you up front there won’t be any happy endings so be prepared to get hooked from page one and not want to put this down til the ride is over.

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